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Digital Marketing

Why digital marketing? Because if you truly want to better your life and work from anywhere, you would seriously consider digital marketing.Some of you may be saying, “What in the world is digital marketing?”. Well, digital marketing is a marketing to users of electronic devices. These consist of computers, tablets, smartphones, cellphones, digital billboards, and game consoles. Through these devices, a marketer is able to connect with their customer and build a long-term, trusting relationship.Wait a second, isn’t that the same as Internet Marketing? Not quite, digital marketing also involves marketing to devices not connected to the internet, such as television and cellphones.What is really cool though, is either one can become a work from home venture or work from anywhere business! How many of you are tired of punching the old time clock.Although I have a good job and make a pretty good income, it is still a “job”. I can’t show up whenever I want and take days off whenever I want. I am still tied to a brick and mortar office.Digital marketing is the wave of the future. I shouldn’t actually even say wave, because if you want to work from home, it is the future.The great thing about digital or online marketing is, you can work your own schedule, you don’t have to talk to anyone if you want, you don’t have to cold call, and you don’t have to face-to-face sell anything. How awesome is that!Any work from home business, other than digital marketing or online marketing will typically include one or more of the above mentioned sales methods. They may cost you friendships or family relationships.Our economy is not the best right now and instead of having both parents working or one person working two jobs, home based is becoming the business of choice for more and more families and individuals.Just sitting at a computer and making money is not all that easy. Prepare yourself for a learning curve and some frustration. It is typically not a get rich quick business. As I stated earlier, digital marketing is about building trust and also “branding” your product business name.I have found that many of the issues involved with starting your business can be resolved by hiring a mentor or coach. Why not learn from someone who has been there, done that.Many beginners decide to go it on their own when starting. This is fine if you are a determined, self-disciplined person, but if you really want to get ahead and not discouraged, I suggest you go the coaching route.To Your Success,Greg Gruba

3 Marketing Strategies for Online Business

Internet business is not uncommon term to most people nowadays. In fact, there are a huge number of people starting up their own internet business online due to the technology advancement during the last couple of years.Internet business compared to the traditional brick-and-mortar type generally required low capital, low business operating cost to start-up. Thus, many people seek any opportunities available to start-up their own internet online business due to the low entry barrier. There are many kinds of online businesses exist on Internet. There may be thousands or even hundred of thousands of online businesses providing services or selling products to their customers.Competition for internet business is very fierce. However, there are some online businesses that perform pretty well compared to others. Those who not doing well, might be due to the quality of services they provided or the products they promoting, but, there is one major factor that some internet business owner tend to overlook is to how successfully market and sell or promote their products. This could be the number one factor that most online internet business will fail in the end.Marketing your business effectively is very crucial in order to determine the success of your business. Successful online marketing campaigns will bring more customers to visits your websites thus increase the sales. Applying effective internet online marketing strategies will not only increase your presence on the Internet business arena, but also increase your business reputation, thus more people will know about your business.As for a start-up internet business owner, it is not possible to apply all the online marketing strategies available at one go. Some online marketing strategies would take times to implement and more fine-tunings are required. Below are some of online marketing strategies recommended that can be applied:a) BlogBlog is a great tool for marketing online business. There are more online visitors visit a blog compared to a website nowadays. Blog is a great tool for sharing useful information related to your products or a platform providing educational information to your website visitors. Eventually, more people will follow your blog and thus increase the online traffic flow to your website. More traffic, more visitors leading to more sales.b) PPCPay-per-click or PPC campaign is another great marketing strategy to promote online internet business. PPC allow online business owner to target their customers effectively by placing their business advertisement based on certain keywords on the search engine. Targeting the right keyword is the essential part of a successful PPC campaign.c) Video MarketingVideo marketing is getting more and more attention nowadays compared to a few years back. For this instance, YouTube has become the biggest video sharing platform on Internet. It has attracted millions of viewers every year. YouTube has become one of the most effective marketing strategies available online. Combining motion and visual; no doubt that, marketing your products or services through YouTube will increase the visibility of your website and attracts more visitors thus increase your online business sale.Implementing effective online marketing strategies play important role in the success of any internet business. Different marketing strategies will result in different impacts for the internet online business. High impact marketing strategy would have better effect on your business compared to low impact marketing strategy.Thus, it would be wise to come up a marketing plan for your online internet business in order to succeed. A good business coupled up with effective marketing strategy will eventually bring success for your online business.

Looking Back at Telecommunications In 2007

As we move head strong into the New Year, I would like to take this time to look back at the past 12 months as they relate to VoIP and the Telecommunications Industry in general. 2007 was a year of upheaval and innovation, as VoIP became more of a mainstream technology and less of a novelty, the growing pains experienced define the winners and losers in a tumultuous year.The Pure Play VoIP providers were hit especially hard in 2007. The sudden and unannounced disappearance of SunRocket left subscribers in the lurch as other providers scrambled to fill the void. The once leader of the residential VoIP market, Vonage, was hit by multiple lawsuits for patent infringement, causing its stock to tumble as customers bolted like rats from a sinking ship. To add insult to injury, cable giant Comcast Communications gained the lead for residential market share with its triple play offerings of voice, video and Internet access. Packet8 faired well in 2007 reaching the 10,000 subscriber mark, albeit more due to the SMB than residential market with its hosted IP PBX services.In the Enterprise market, the appearance of Microsoft’s Office Communications Server has caused many an institution to take a wait and see attitude on convergence. An independent study by Psytechnics concluded that the voice quality of the OCS 2007 was considerably better than some leading technologies currently available (CallManager). Microsoft’s goal seems to be to make the PBX (IP or otherwise) obsolete, as voice and unified communications morph into just another software application. Potential savings for Business could be huge as hardware and infrastructure costs decline with the adoption of their soft phone technology.On the wireless front, the ominous firing of Sprint Nextel CEO and WiMax champion Gary Forsee leads to the dissolution of an agreement between Sprint and Clearwire Communications to begin a nation wide rollout of WiMaxin 2008. Although they started their soft launch of WiMax in three major cities in December as scheduled, Sprint says they are reevaluating their long term business plan and will let us know next year. Sprint has been losing market share steadily over the year, and as the largest holder of WiMax spectrum in the U.S., some are calling for them to either put up or spin off. 2008 the year of WiMax? Maybe not here!The FCC ruled in March that rural telecoms must open their networks to VoIP providers, and in another ruling exempted VoIP providers from state regulations. Another ruling for consumers in November states that consumers’ numbers must be ported within 48 hours of signing up with a new VoIP provider. In December, FCC chairman Kevin Martin reaps the wrath of Congress for loosening the longstanding ban on cross ownership that prohibits newspapers and broadcast stations from owning each other in the same market, thus opening the door for big media to consolidate.On a positive note, for those of us that think VoIP and open source is a positive thing, Verizon announced late in the year that it would open its network to “any” device or application that meets the minimum requirements. A potential road to Fixed Mobile Convergence, Verizon expects that most consumers will still use their existing calling plans. As the first cellular company in the U.S. to open up, Verizon puts itself in a favorable position in the FCC’s eyes for the upcoming auction of the 700MHz Spectrum in late January. Verizon also announced shortly thereafter that it would be going with LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology for its 4G network.The past year has indeed given us a look at trends to come, as shakeups determine which of the wireless technologies will predominate, and tech behemoths like Google and Microsoft enter the telecommunications game for the first time.Telecommunications; it’s not just about phones anymore.